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11 Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Grill Pan with Press


GRILL PAN FOR BBQ FLAVOR – Quality non stick cast iron grill pan for stovetop lets you enjoy healthy delicious grilled vegetables and seared meat chicken or fish for a classic barbecue taste and drool-worthy grill marks anytime of year – a smart and lightweight alternative to bulky outdoor appliances or electric indoor griddle grills
PRESEASONED FOR FLAVOR – The grilling pan gets better and more flavorful with use over time, for lasting durability with proper care. To keep delicate foods from sticking, wipe pan with light coating of oil before cooking
OVEN SAFE HEAVY DUTY HEAT – This portable veggie grilling pan is small enough to easily transfer from cooktop to oven and heats evenly over any flame – try it with gas or electric stove tops or fire it up on your next camping trip, and skip the butter or oils and use medium high heat for smokeless cooking results
GREAT SKILLET ALTERNATIVE – Our cast iron grill pan is flat for efficient warming, yet deep enough to keep food from splattering, and creates professional ridges on steak or large vegetable slices for a restaurant quality meal. Easy to clean and lasts forever with proper care – simply hand wash with gentle soap and warm water, and dry thoroughly
WITH SILICONE HANDLE COVER – 11 inch square grill pan is oven safe up to 480ºF and comes with a heat-resistant red silicone handle cover (always use protective gloves or mitts as well if handling hot pan). To re-season the pan, apply a thin layer of cooking oil to surface and bake upside down in oven for 1 hour with aluminum foil underneath to catch drips

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If searing your proteins and veggies to delicious perfection is a crime, then the Vremi Smokin’ Hot Grill Pan is grill-ty as charged. Its pre seasoned surface makes it the ultimate go-to skillet for high heat cooking with no added fat, and its ridges provide a healthy alternative to frying. Meet your knight in shining, cast iron armor.


Pan dimensions: 11 x 11 x 2 inches
Handle length: 5 inches
Product weight: 6.6 lbs
Made from heavy duty pre-seasoned cast iron
Includes protective red silicone handle cover
Oven safe up to 480ºF
Never put in microwave
Hand wash with mild soap and warm water, then dry immediately
Do not clean in dishwasher

Rinse with hot water and dry before first-time use
When ready to cook, pre heat pan on medium high heat
Can be used with metal, wood or silicone cooking utensils
Use oven mitts when moving hot pan
Let cold foods warm up before cooking to avoid pan stickiness

Re-season grill pan when food starts sticking or surface dulls
Apply thin layer of cooking oil to clean pan surface
Line bottom rack of oven with foil and set oven to 400ºF
Place pan upside down on top rack
Bake for 1 hour, turn oven off and let pan cool


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