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Powerbuilt 4 Ton Ratchet Jack


Precision 4 ton jack stands with a lifting range of 13 in. to 20-1/4 in.
Strong heavy duty stamped steel with fully welded seams
Dependable ductile iron masts with 10 different height settings
Innovative wide-angle four point stance for extra stability
Stylish and affordable Powerbuilt products meet or exceed ASME and PALD standards
Four point wide stance for maximum stability
Heavy duty stamped steel frame with fully welded seams

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Work safe with these sturdy 4-ton jack stands. Stamped from heavy duty steel and fully welded at the seams, these precision jack stands provide strong, dependable protection. The ductile iron masts have a lifting range of 13 in. to 20-1/4 in., offering 10 different settings to keep your car at just the height you need. Innovative wide-angle four point stance offers extra stability.


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